Meet the Team

Twin brothers Jaron and Jonathan are the heart of Dream Team Automotive. Both of these guys are highly skilled in automotive mechanics. They are naturally mechanically inclined and were seemingly born with extraordinary technical prowess not only with mechanics but anything that can be taken apart. They overhauled their first engine while still in high school. And yes, it ran!

Their skills have only evolved since then and no job is too big or small for these guys. If you need any mechanical help, whether for your car, truck, boat, golf cart, or basically anything that can be taken apart, Jonathan and Jaron are your go to guys. Both exude a jovial, friendly demeanor and will be more than glad to help you out. Feel free to contact them with any services you require.

We Got You Covered

Whether you need an oil change or major engine repair, we got you covered. We offer all standard services and more at competitive prices compared to other local area shops.

Check out a selection of services we offer below:

  • Gasoline & Diesel Engine Repair

  • Transmission Service & Repair

  • Oil Change & all Filters

  • AC Service & Repairs

  • Brake Service & Cut Rotors

  • Tune Ups, Lift Kit Mods & More!


Raymondville, Texas

Contact Info

Cell: 956.966.0326
E-mail: firemedicmesa [at]

Cell: 956.746.8598
E-mail: jmesa467 [at]